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Love is the Only REAL Currency in This World

Why do I cry so much? There is an ache in my heart to leave this place. Maybe this is Spirit crying out for release. This world is so sinful and dark. Man… Continue reading

Have No Fear of the All-Seeing Eye

No doubt you have seen the all-seeing eye symbol in the media, in movies, and on the news. Unfortunately, this is used as a fear-mongering tactic by the powers that be. It is… Continue reading

New Age Darkness

I’m growing more and more wary about New Age practices. This includes crystals, horoscopes, healing, divination, Yoga, transcendental meditation etc. When you chant a name whether it be Om or Sa Ta Na… Continue reading

Numb Inside

I feel dead inside. I don’t want to interact with the external world when my inner world is in such turmoil. Tsunamis waving over my stomach, rapid heart rate, such abysmal terror and… Continue reading


What do friendships mean to you? Do you hang out with your friends and talk bollocks or is there a greater meaning? I realise that all of my friendships were fake and one… Continue reading

Big Cars and Little Cars

I often wonder if I am being tested on a daily basis. However, today has been one of the hardest days of this year. I wondered if my negative karma of attracting bad… Continue reading

The Starborn Stone of Transformation: Moldavite

I am having a lot of search queries for the negatives of Moldavite lately. I sure hope that my writing is not causing you to throw away this marvellous stone, which a lot… Continue reading

Lemurian Seed Crystal Wands

Ever since I woke up saying the word, “Lemurian Crystals,” about two weeks ago, I have been using my new wand. I stopped working with Moldavite about six months ago, as it’s put… Continue reading

Moldavite and Negativity

I was performing some research on the new crystals I purchased from Hebden Bridge today when I came across a website who has stopped selling Moldavite because he/she believes it attracts negativity. This… Continue reading

Buzzing in Aura

I am not too sure whether it is because I use crystals in my bedroom at night when meditating, but I feel a buzzing sensation that feels quite nice when I get into… Continue reading