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January 28, 2013

Love is the Only REAL Currency in This World

imagesWhy do I cry so much? There is an ache in my heart to leave this place. Maybe this is Spirit crying out for release. This world is so sinful and dark. Man doesn’t know what he is doing. He kills, he steals, he lies, he is only out for himself. We only have to look at the world of politics. An individual gets voted in, they promise so many changes…and nothing ever gets done. Many of them have no balls, so they play by the rules and make their riches, while 90 percent of the world suffers.

Heaven knows why I feel so much empathy for the world. I am deeply saddened by this dark side of man. But this morning I had a thought. I am wealthy. I have something that none of these expenses robbing politicians may never have…and that is heart. Love is the only REAL currency in this world. I feel my way in the world. It’s so difficult. The emotions feel like a thunderous cloud on my shoulders and my only release is through tears, but love is pouring out of my heart. Every time I feel hurt over someone elses sadness, I realise how hard it is for everyone else. It puts me in their shoes. I can’t turn it off.

Maybe I’m reconnecting with the child within. I still like watching all of the movies I used to watch as a kid. Labyrinth, Dumbo, Three Men and a Baby, Ghostbusters, Rocky, Superman are just a few. I wish Prisoner Cell Block H was back on TV, as I used to stay up until stupid hours to watch it on ITV.

December 5, 2012

Have No Fear of the All-Seeing Eye

third-eye-chakraNo doubt you have seen the all-seeing eye symbol in the media, in movies, and on the news. Unfortunately, this is used as a fear-mongering tactic by the powers that be. It is meant to get across to you that you are being watched, their “eye” is on you watching you at all times. But this is complete bullshit. The symbol has now become one of fear, instead of enlightenment, which is at its core.

At one point, I had the same thoughts about the triangle as I write in this article. Why is this symbol thrown in our face all the time? House roofs are triangular, cones are triangular, traffic signs are triangular and a piece of paper turned on its side displays a triangle. The all-seeing eye is also on US notes. There is no denying that this symbol is being overused, but why? Is it to encourage Spirituality, or to suppress it? My thought is the latter.

March 23, 2012

New Age Darkness

I’m growing more and more wary about New Age practices. This includes crystals, horoscopes, healing, divination, Yoga, transcendental meditation etc. When you chant a name whether it be Om or Sa Ta Na Ma (which I tried to beat addictions), do you really know who you are chanting to? I feel the same with crystals. For ten or twelve years, I have filled my home with crystals. I wore Moldavite for about eight years. I no longer feel the need to read horoscopes, get tarot readings, even use my divination rod.

Since I put all of my crystals and New Age books in a box to be sold, my life is better. I am attracting writing jobs that pay well, I feel like I have the power to beat my addictions, and I know there is nothing to fear. What if a negative hold had taken over me in a subtle way when using these items? Why did I always want to find out about my future and my personality through astrology? Why was the now moment never enough for me?

March 20, 2012

Numb Inside

I feel dead inside. I don’t want to interact with the external world when my inner world is in such turmoil. Tsunamis waving over my stomach, rapid heart rate, such abysmal terror and fear of my world crumbling down. I am so lost in the dark. This darkness is bringing up a new king of terror. There is no God. There is no hope in me, but I’m breathing. The body is a marvel.

Are there layers of guilt? I write about such darkness and how to see through to another day, but my thoughts are of death, of ridding the turmoil in guilt, the sadness and myself over my past mistakes. Why did I not support my mother when she was crying out for a shoulder to cry on with her alcoholism? What made me so selfish to ignore her plea?

Why do I feel so alone with only my thoughts to comfort me. Except the thoughts are of past hurts and I’m trying to forgive myself. I’m living the pain, I’m trying to work through it. Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy. Is a deep depression the start of something more? Why is this hurt arising now. What is the my significance with 11?

March 6, 2012


What do friendships mean to you? Do you hang out with your friends and talk bollocks or is there a greater meaning? I realise that all of my friendships were fake and one sided. And now I realise that I was too passionate about making a difference in myself which probably scared the bejesus out of people. This is okay. I accept I am who I am. I will not change. I want to grow and expand my awareness. I am part of this fucked up insane world and I take responsibility. I understand why it has to be this way.

Real friendships require effort. I always put effort into my friendships. I stayed in touch, but when I wasn’t receiving the same in return, it was time to say goodbye. This is harsh and probably misunderstood from the other person’s point of view, but what’s the point in maintaining a fake friendship? In my darkest hours, I have cried into my pillow and woke up with bags down to my nose, but I felt better.

I often wonder if I had not met my current partner Jon, I would very very alone and have no friends. Would I have killed myself? I hate having these thoughts but they are still around on my dark days. Are things just meant to be? It’s like there is a peaceful part of Helen that is very aware of my suffering and loneliness and I need to find her again. Does friendship matter this much to me? Most of the time it doesn’t as t I have always been a bit of a hermit.

I miss my friend Martin, who emigrated to Australia. He got in touch with me via text last week and I stupidly deleted the message without knowing who it was. Hours later, I realised it was from him, but by them it was too late. I telepathically messaged him telling him to get in touch with me, and the last time I heard from him was around one and a half years ago. Telepathy really does work when the message comes from the heart. We might not have been pen friends or beer buddies, but he understood my deep and mysterious side. It’s very rare to have that relationship with a man. Now I have this relationship with my partner. I am so lucky. I can be ultra sensitive and have tears rolling my cheeks and he accepts me. I don’t have to put on an act.

December 22, 2011

Big Cars and Little Cars

I often wonder if I am being tested on a daily basis. However, today has been one of the hardest days of this year. I wondered if my negative karma of attracting bad drivers was all because I stuck two fingers up at a white car who failed to look at his left blind spot and almost crashed into me.

The second instance took place at a supermarket car park when I was reversing from my spot and a long green car began to reverse immediately blocking my path. The guy clearly had enough room to move forward but he continued to reverse and almost hit me, so I hooted my horn and screamed out of my window. Is my yellow Seicento invisible to these morons? Maybe Moldavite can make me invisible around certain people, but not my car!

Finally, I was returning to mums home, when a big white car poked its fat nose out and blocked my path, so I hooted and the back seat passenger stared at me in dismay. Considering I woke up feeling great and had an inspiring meditation session while listening to funky music this morning, the only thing that spoilt my day were lousy drivers. When did driving become so hard?

Also, why if it “Tis the season to be glory” are there so many miserable sods who can’t even return a smile. And why is it normally a battle between big cars and little cars? Driving just isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. Maybe it’s just today or perhaps it’s just Christmas time when selfishness and greed overrules most of humanity.

So am I being tested of which I failed today, or maybe other people were throwing karma in my face because of my aggression.

July 12, 2011

The Starborn Stone of Transformation: Moldavite

I am having a lot of search queries for the negatives of Moldavite lately. I sure hope that my writing is not causing you to throw away this marvellous stone, which a lot of people will work away from because of what other people write. From my experience, I am only on this spiritual path because of Moldavite. I forced myself to work with its intense energies, asked who am I, and now I am on the path to live love. Now, if a stone was as negative as some crystal workers state it is, would I be writing such intense words of inspiration to others? I receive no money for this blog, all of the energy I have put into this blog is because I want to share my experiences with the world.

When the Kundalini is awakened, or you may like to call it The Dark Night of The Soul or Ascension, there is no easy path to enlightenment. In order to balance out your mind (dualities – separation) you HAVE to work through the shit that is the darkness. This includes past hurts, regrets, memories, anger, forgiveness, hate, judgments, envy, and so forth. I’m sure you get my drift with the energies. You are not one simple human being who has suffered with the bad memories of this existence but also many others, which of course are forgotten when incarnating into this life time. So in essence, we choose our life, our lessons, and all the people who come into our lives so that we can further develop our spirituality. Of course, this is a strong concept and not one I would encourage, but I am on the path to truth and there is no other way to describe the intense energies I am currently living in this life time.

When Moldavite and I first met, I was a shy young girl who was trying to set up her own business in holistic therapies. I rented a room in a crystal shop, but even then I could feel the energies of negativities inside there. When I first felt its energies, I knew it was a special stone and we developed a relationship from then on. I quickly adapted to its energies and slept with it under my pillow. On first contact, most people will feel a strong heat wherever Moldavite is placed. This is because its vibrational level is so high and cannot adapt to its current energies in the body. One must ground him or herself so as not to “fly away” with the energies, as they can cause light headedness.

January 27, 2011

Lemurian Seed Crystal Wands

Ever since I woke up saying the word, “Lemurian Crystals,” about two weeks ago, I have been using my new wand. I stopped working with Moldavite about six months ago, as it’s put me on the right path, but I still wear my earrings occasionally. Lemurian Seed Crystal Wands are very powerful and I felt my crown chakra opening immediately to its love and light.

My dreams have become stronger, and I am having far less night terrors than usual. I remember most of my dreams nowadays. Perhaps the ascension process has helped me work through a lot of shit. I am crying for no reason a lot less too. I feel happy and abundant, energy radiating from me.

Weirdly throughout the ascension process, I am able to focus on what I want, rather than what other people want. This has given me additional zest in reaching for my dreams in life. I have surrendered to all that is, and my lower back pain has subsided. Okay, I’m still grounding myself with food and have gained weight around my abdomen region, but I have never had a problem with my figure anyway. Love me for who I am, not what I look like. Curves are sexy!

October 13, 2010

Moldavite and Negativity

I was performing some research on the new crystals I purchased from Hebden Bridge today when I came across a website who has stopped selling Moldavite because he/she believes it attracts negativity. This is untrue. I have been working with Moldavite for three years. The first piece of stone stayed with me for about a year, until I lost it while moving heavy boxes of ornaments. The second piece I didn’t feel in tune with, and it left me within weeks. My third piece was larger, and definitely made my third eye chakra tingle. At times, I had to remove it from my brow chakra because of its intense high energy field. This piece has now left my life because I know it has other work to do. It will find another likeminded person who feels attracted to it, and help them like it did for me.

First Understand Moldavite and its Energy

Now I can understand why some people may THINK it attracts negative energy. This is because it will force up a lot of issues that you have left to fester for far too long. These are deep within the subconscious mind, and most of us never want to delve into that part of our minds. However, if one does, it brings up all kinds of shit. I’m still not through The Dark Night of the Soul, I had a couple of really bad days last week, or perhaps it was the phase of the moon, but I know things are shifting, especially when I am viewing number synchronicity every single day. I saw 000, 111, 11.11, 333, 444, and 16.16 today. Amazing how Angels connect with humans. Yesterday as I was parking my car, a white feather dropped from the sky in my path. Thank you for helping me through this harsh time in my life, loving Angels.

The high vibrational energy field of Moldavite causes transformation to its owner. Although it can feel like negativity when it brings up anger, depression, anxiety, or even disease, this is necessary in order to cleanse your own energy field. Moldavite has trasnformed me into a different person. It is very difficult to change, especially in the conditioned world we all find ourselves trapped in, but it is a powerful choice to step on this path of transformation.

One who feels attracted to Moldavite will also likely ask questions such as, “Why am I here,” or “what is the purpose of life,” just like I did. Since the mind gives us what we focus on, Moldavite helps one to change in subtle ways until the identity falls into crisis. I would not wish this upon anyone. It is a dreary time where it is difficult to even look after oneself. Pray to Angels, and use crystals and meditation to help you through this hard time. You have support. Believe in faith, believe in the divine, and it will show its face through number synchronicity and instinctive hunches to follow.

Seriously, Moldavite is a positive stone. In order to heal, it is necessary to cleanse the aura and unblock chakras. These “negatives” that certain people feel are simply chakra blockages trying to balance out. Although Moldavite is also known as the “extraterrestrial stone”, I cannot recall ever communicating with aliens, nor have I astral projected. it would have been fun, but Moldavite has done its work on me. Crystals should not be used for fun, they are wonderfully powerful if you work with them long enough.

May 31, 2010

Buzzing in Aura

I am not too sure whether it is because I use crystals in my bedroom at night when meditating, but I feel a buzzing sensation that feels quite nice when I get into bed each night. I am still working with Moldavite and Phenecite. Both are high vibrational frequency stones and they open the third eye chakra. Phenecite opens the soul star chakra (8th chakra) and works on enlightenment. I know I am quite far away from that stage of spirituality but I like to persevere.

I’ve been having acupuncture for anxiety for the past three weeks. My fourth treatment is this week. Then I had a thought this morning while I was drinking my lemon and fresh pink grapefruit juice. Since I quit my job in August 2008 I’ve been running on adrenaline. I love writing and I wrote so much. Now I have writers block and no interest to finish my erotica, but I hoped that acupuncture would help me get my concentration back. From the first week she looked at my tongue and knew I suffered from heart palpitations. This clouds mental clarity, and I have been trying to cram so much into a day it is going to take some time to get back to normal. It is a hard time, and I have been so frustrated and taking it out on my partner who is nothing but good to me.

Now I have an idea to do a thirty-day juice fast because I am suffering with arthritis in my hands from typing. I used to take medication for this, but it didn’t help. I need to treat myself internally, because that’s where diseases start don’t they? I hopped off to my favourite chinese restaurant yesterday to have a last bowl of greasy noodles, and I was shocked to find out that they have retired. Where will I get my salt and pepper ribs now? They were small, spicy, and melted in the mouth. Doh!

So perhaps acupuncture and juice fasting together will sort me out and get me back to normal. Apparently a long juice fast is also cleansing to the spirit, so I am intrigued to find out where I will be in thirty days time.


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