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Prayer Experimentation

I am such a lazy girl when it comes to spiritual matters. I just want to numb myself from this reality and pretend that this world can cure it. Sometimes I don’t always… Continue reading

The World

This world can break us in two; there is no doubt about it. It’s broken me. I’ve met so many cruel people, but I guess I always had this vision to get up… Continue reading

Afraid of Death

I asked a taxi driver last week, “Are you afraid of death,” to which he replied, “Every day.” He then described his fears. His heart so beautiful, he proceeded to say that every… Continue reading

I Am Broken

As a teenager, I remember my mother lying in bed sobbing her heart out when I got home from school. I used to ask her what was wrong, and I didn’t even try… Continue reading

Gratitude Prayer

I’m sorry for all of the conscious and subconscious judgment that I give out to the world, toward others, and myself. There is such beauty all around me, which I often brush to… Continue reading

Finding Peace Within The Storm

How can one who suffers with depression find the peace within? That’s what I am setting out to achieve. Yesterday was a difficult day. I felt so so tired. I have been doing… Continue reading

The Cost of Awakening

There is much discussion on the Internet about people ‘waking up’. There does not need to be a spiritual name for this, but you might have heard of Kundalini, Ascension, or Dark Night… Continue reading

Depression Sucks

If I am going to heal fully, then I need to be honest with myself. On Thursday, I hit the lowest of the low and took an overdose. I attempted a dry fast,… Continue reading

If Energy Healing is From God – Why Charge?

I’ve often pondered on this thought. If energy healers claim that the energy comes from God, why do they charge big bucks? I remember watching a video for The Healing Codes and the… Continue reading

A Prayer To God!

Oh God, I pray for your help. Please help me to love those in dire need, those who feel only happiness when his or her heart is closed up and out to blame… Continue reading