Healing Codes

So I attended a Healing Codes Workshop yesterday. The fundamentals of the healing codes work on healing the emotional problem that causes the physical ailment in the body. For example:

  • Depression may cause skin problems
  • Unforgiveness toward others means that we cannot forgive ourselves
  • Selfishness affects homonal or endocrine and glandular systems
  • Anxiety affects the gastrointestinal system
  • Anger, frustration or impatience affects the immune system
  • Rejection affects the central nervous system
  • Not feeling good enough affects the respiratory system
  • Controlling issues affects the reproductive system
  • Image management affects the circulatory system and heart
  • Feeling out of control affects the skeletal system

We are infinite energy, but we also hold onto emotions. Since I have no physical problems, only emotional, I thought this workshop could help me greatly, since the ailments it cures goes beyond infinity. What I found strange within the workshop as the instructor was talking about the codes was how tight my solar plexus felt. It felt like all of my stresses and traumas were being sucked into my gut. Either I felt that I would be walking out of there a new woman or it was telling me to get the hell out of there.

Surrounded by so many energy practitioners, and my going through a Dark Night of The Soul or Kundalini awakening, I wanted a little recognition that what I was experienced had been felt by others, that it wasn’t just plain old depression or bi-polar, but it felt strange. When I have my down days and speak to Jon, I feel an overwhelming love and it’s all because I am opening up my heart and confessing my fears. In that workshop, although a little of the anxiety disappeared after the first round of healing codes, I wasn’t ready to honey coat the treatment and say that my ailment went from a ten down to a two, like that of the others in the workshop.

I understand that my emotions are not my own; they are born from fear, but they still feel real. I just wanted someone to understand this experience and not just say “you’re not going crazy.” This is the natural process of healing working through the pain. I am a very open, honest, and sensitive person. If I pick up the energies of others, I cannot turn this off like a tap. I am going through some massive change, only I cannot see the outcome yet.

Weirdly, as I work through more repressed emotions and memories, my immune system is strengthening. The Healing Codes states that the only reason why diseases or problems in the body occur is because the immune system switches off. The Healing Code, apparently, takes the finger off the suppressed immune system and switches it back on to full and protective.

Another thing that bugs me about any form of healing is why people charge money. Since this energy is from God, our creator, why do people charge? Reiki, angel healing, the healing codes, chakra healing, and whatever else. This is pure unconditional love from God. Like it is infinite in the Universe, it is infinite on Mother Earth too. If money didn’t exist, would people still be charging others for this “gift.” Since, most people believe in the Law of Attraction, I think that this is more new age propaganda as it focuses on desires and materialism. Everything in the world belongs to God. His energy is within everything. Why have the audacity to ask for more? Desire and want for more is our current world. Maybe I’m freak of the world who has different beliefs, but when someone is very ill and has only had the words of doctors to listen to or even being told that an ailment is incurable, should one have to pay for the knowledge of energy and how to use a specific energy technique to heal thy self? If everyone shared knowledge, maybe more of us would be cured and less focused on fear. Yet so many practitioners need unwell people to make money from. Exactly the same with drug companies, which is why so much fear is induced in the media. Fear creates stress and stress creates physical problems.

The Healing Code In Action