Ho’oponopono Magic

I know I have written about ho’oponopono in the past, and some things just return to the mind when they are necessary. Lately (for the past three days), I have been using ho’oponopono hours at a time. I use it to heal others and myself in the process as I am taking 100% responsibility for causing the situation, whether good or bad. So while I was in Manchester visiting a friend for coffee, I felt good about myself and continued to repeat the mantra silently,

I love you,

I’m sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank you! 

Even the people who didn’t return a smile didn’t piss me off, and I am quite offended by unfriendly people, but since I am causing other people to view me as weird because I view the world differently, I just have to heal myself. Even if I had won £100,000 on a scratch card that afternoon, I would have felt just the same as I did while doing ho’oponopono and healing the world. The feeling of wealth while performing ho’oponopono just brings a wonderful feeling of gratitude for everything in life. Maybe it was the edge of enlightenment, but I am surely going to continue with ho’oponopono consistently. And y’know what, the day only got better in the way I felt about myself, and I am on a journey to loving myself, which is always difficult.

It is true. We are walking and talking pieces of orgonite. We can change the world by projecting feelings of forgiveness and love wherever we walk. It feels nice to continue to be growing in love. I don’t want to be the normal person who grows fearful of the media crap or raising petrol prices and fucking milk! If we just all trusted that we are looked after by our creator and remain faithful, only love remains and fear is an illusion!

Join in ho’oponopono. It is not a new religion or part of the new age hocus pocus, but it accepting responsibility for your current reality and every lesson within, whether good or bad. Most of all, it is a free tool of love that you can use right now to heal repressed memories and help others.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. 

Rather than let 40,000 fearful thoughts enter your head, try saying the mantra I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you 20,000 times per day. It may feel strange and daft, but you are also healing your thoughts, and all thoughts are energy. And believe me when I say that we do have on average 40,000 thoughts per day. Scary thought when most of them are subconscious thoughts born from the ego telling you that you are shit, unsuccessful, fat, ugly etc! Kill those thoughts with ho’oponopono and watch your life transform.