Born Again Christian vs Born Into Christianity

There is a big difference between being a born again Christian vs born into Christianity. For example, parents are born again Christians, but the children are forced into church and Christianity, but this… Continue reading

Biblical Repentance

If you ever ask someone what repentance means, they will usually say to ‘turn from sin’, but is this the true definition of biblical repentance? Biblical repentance actually means to change one’s mind.… Continue reading

Types of Fasting

There are various types of fasts available today. The diet market is worth £billions, but why give them another penny of your money with the purchase of diet foods, which are often substituted… Continue reading

The Christian Life is Impossible

Think about how many Christians there are in the world today. There may be genuine revival, but are we true with ourselves. Think about the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus is talking… Continue reading

Repentance is Evident in The Bible

Although there are instances in the bible where Jesus tells his followers  to believe in Him, is this enough for salvation? What we need to remember is that Jesus died for sinners. We… Continue reading

Flab Faith or Muscle Faith

I used to be so preoccupied with how I looked. I needed to attend the gym three or four times a week, just to maintain a toned body, but when I look back… Continue reading

My Encounter With The Holy Spirit

I’m often always faced with uncomfortable thoughts reminding me of my past, that I’m a failure, that I can never make a relationship work, that people will always abandon me, so early this… Continue reading

The Love of Jesus

There is no doubt that we are living in a godless society. The God of today is ‘find our own way’ to God, rather than biblical Christianity. I was on this path many… Continue reading

The Simple Gospel of Jesus Christ

This article is the copyright of This is the Simple Gospel: God created man. Man did not create God (as some psychologists would have us believe). God created man in His… Continue reading

God’s Will

The way the world teaches is in contrast to the teachings of Jesus, who told us to deny self and take up our cross. 34 And when he had called the people unto… Continue reading