Spiritual Gifts to Pray For

Salvation is a free gift from God, yet there are conditions to salvation—repentance and faith. I know that I am not holy enough to enter heaven, and therefore I depend on God. However,… Continue reading

Gospel Mourning

This text is the copyright of Grace Gems. http://gracegems.org/Watson/beatitudes3.htm. This is a long read, but a very enlightening one. The Beatitudes Thomas Watson, 1660 An exposition of Matthew 5:1-12 Gospel Mourning “Blessed are those… Continue reading

The Angel of Light

There are so many horror movies about satan, but are these movies speaking the truth about how satan works throughout the modern day. The devil is characterised as evil and dark, but let’s… Continue reading

Not Ashamed of Being Sad

I prayed several days ago, and one thing that I said to God was that I hated who I am. I hate the sadness, the often daily sadness, and mourning, why my heart… Continue reading

The Ecumenical ‘Love and Peace’ One World Religion

Everyone has a right to believe what he or she wants, as there are many available religions today. However, one particular movement, the ecumenical movement conspires to bring these religions together under Christianity… Continue reading

Supernatural Peace

Have you ever felt supernatural peace? Have you ever had a period of anxiety and worry in your life that was replaced with a supernatural peace? It is possible to obtain in this… Continue reading


The BFG, or the Big Friendly Giant is currently in Cinemas. I never read this story as a kid, nor did I watch the cartoon version, so I didn’t know the ending, but… Continue reading

The Self-Exalting Spirit

We are living in a world where focus on the self is so rampant. We’re told to build our self up because this will lead to success, wealth, popularity, etc… the list goes… Continue reading

Face to Face With God

Jesus walks with us daily. He is a living God who understands the difficulty of life, but He never forces us to choose Him. NEVER. God is a choice, always a choice, except… Continue reading

Faith vs Belief

Many people have a belief in God, but faith is the key to knowing God. Faith puts our beliefs into action. It strengthens us. It convicts us. We put our trust in Jesus to… Continue reading